Shikha Sinchury

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Life Coach was something I never thought I could call myself!

When I had to let go of my positional leadership & an organizational covering during the Pandemic (2 years ago.) I found a life coach for myself. That’s when I began to find direction and clarity regarding what I want to do with my own life.


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Having volunteered in a non-profit organization for more than a decade, largely working with young people cross-culturally in character formation programs, it was only natural for me to find a home in the field of coaching. My passion centers around people-care and helping them live life to their fullest potential. Becoming a Life Coach by completing a certified life coaching course with Coaching Mission International has been one of the best decisions of my life.

I hail from a small town in Darjeeling (West Bengal, India) and I am currently based in Shillong, (Meghalaya, India). It puts me in awe realizing how many people I am able to partner with and champion locally, nationally and internationally. With all the advancements and with the transformation of how our work is done on a daily basis, I am now available for life coaching online or in person.

My heart is to see more people from my region/country find access to this empowering opportunity of being life-coached. Your empowerment is my goal and joy!

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