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How does Life Coaching work?

Life Coaching is a relationship-based, goal-driven, action-oriented and growth-centered conversational process in which the Coach helps the Client to maximize their potential and provide a support structure for change.
  • Relationship-based: We work together with you, in confidentiality, to devise frameworks for accomplishing your set goal(s) within a specified period of time. We provide you with support and encouragement, and hold you accountable throughout the coaching process.
  • Goal-driven: “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar. The Client is the boss! It is about your needs and your goals. We come alongside only to help you identify them, define them, and assist you in your process of discovering your solutions/answers.
  • Action-oriented: The whole process of coaching is geared towards enabling you to take particular actions to accomplish your desired outcomes. The coaching process doesn’t become successful without you taking steps to do something about your own goals/problems.
  • Growth-centered: Your growth is your responsibility. We believe that you have the potential to find your own solutions and we challenge you to stretch beyond the limits to find them.
  • Conversational process: Questions, questions, questions! That’s what we offer to make you think and draw out the best that’s inside of you. We lend attentive and unbiased ears to help you process your thoughts within a safe environment.
  • Discovery Call (30 mins)– to get to know one another and find out if we are to enter the into a Coach-Coachee relationship.
  • Stand-alone session (15+45 mins)– in which you use our services for a single session.
  • Full session: Total 6 sessions (each session is 45 minute.) within the timeframe agreed by both the parties.
Language: English and Nepali

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